Where we vet, progress, mature, mentor, train and improve people. The Beancamp Academy uses a series of personality tests, conducts a soft skills interview and a complex technical interview that includes live coding. It’s backed by an AI algorithm we’ve developed that removes bias from the hiring process and yields success.


Apply & Test

First apply and during your application and testing process we will conduct:

  1. a personality test
  2. soft skills interview and
  3. technical live coding scenarios that are designed to bring out the best demonstration of your capabilities on the skill sets you’ve identified as being great at.

Develop (if needed)

We input your results into an AI algorithm that determines your overall score. If areas of opportunity are identified we will voice constructive feedback and potentially support tools to help improve your score next time around.

If you are great at a particular skill we can also match you with a local company that’s looking for that specific skill set and provides some structure to further develop other areas of opportunity for you. We accept one application from you every year.

Offer from Beanary

Congratulations! We’ve identified your communication style, technical skills and personality to be at the top of the industry scale!

You have met or exceeded the determining score: you will be contacted by the HR department of Beanary and offered challenging work with some of the best and most challenging companies in a variety of industries.

The projects range and scale across almost every major industry, giving you a great sense of accomplishment and belonging to some of the most meaningful software development projects in the Indonesia.

Apply Now

Want to join an elite group of experienced and sophisticated software developers that are recognized as being the “best of the best”? Love a challenge and variety? You’ve come to the right place. Learn more about us and if you like what you see, please go ahead and apply.

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